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Present and upcoming projects

  1. 2021-P. The importance of intraspecific variation in ecological responses to climate change, Royal Society International Exchange Cost Share award, in collaboration with CNR-Italy

  2. 2021-P.  Environmental DNA as a tool for avoiding seaweed farm biofouling. Marine Fund Scotland

  3. 2021-P. In situ eDNA monitoring of planktonic threat to salmon aquaculture using a paper-pased PCR device, DEFRA grant from the Seafood Innovation fund

  4. 2019-20. Developing an eDNA approach to monitor planktonic threats to salmonid aquaculture AQUASCAN, BBSRC accelerator fund

  5. 2019-20. Harnessing environmental metabolomics to understand algal warfare, Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund, Excellence and Innovation Catalyst Grant

  6. 2018-P  "Resilience in connected plankton communities following a heat wave event-CoDRes" in the framework of AQUACOSM-TA, EU funded project (EU H2020-INFRAIA-project No 731065)

  7. 2017-19. Environmental DNA (eDNA) targeted TempO-Seq as a novel quantitative tool for monitoring aquaculture risk agents, BBSRC Agri-Food Technology Seeding Catalyst fund

  8. 2016. Environmental DNA - a new cost-effective tool for monitoring risk agents for salmonid and shellfish aquaculture, Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) Consolidator Grant

  9. 2015-16. Building the first theoretical and experimental database for diatom short-term responses to changes in nutrient availability, funded by Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland. Co-I with University of Strathclyde

  10. 2013-15. The relative role of niche and neutral mechanisms in controlling phytoplankton genetic and morphological diversity (ECOGENE) - U. Aegean, Greece funded by European Social Fund

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