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María Algueró Muñiz

Post Doctoral Researcher (2020-23)

Meri is an expert on jellyfish taxonomy and ecology and in her PhD she worked on multiple stressors to marine plankton communities using marine mesocosms. In our lab Meri has worked on the salmon and seaweed eDNA projects. 

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Victoria Delannoy

Research Intern (Summer 2023)

Victoria is visiting from the University of Sorbonne, France. She is carrying out the taxonomic analysis of kelp epibionts for our Seeaweed eDNA project (Marine Fund Scotland) and is also carrying out the data analysis from the bibliographic review of macroalgae epibionts. 

Natalia Apostolopoulou 

Research Assistant (Summer 2019)

Natalia is executing our experiment on phytoplankton allelopathy in our Aquatic Ecology lab! She is responsible for setting up the treatments, monitoring algae growth and sampling for nutrient and metabolomics analyses. 


Toni Dwyer 

PhD student (2018-)

Toni is working in collaboration with the Lewellyn lab on the development of a tool for the rapid on-site assessment of harmful algae using quantitative molecular methods. This can act as an early warning system for the protection of aquaculture sites and also be used for the monitoring of coastal water quality. 

Eleni Christoforou

PhD student (2017-)

Eleni is investigating the impact of anthropogenic stressors such as microfibers and artificial light at night on the activity of bivalves and their capacity to perform ecosystem services in coastal ecosystems. Her lab work is based in the Aquatic ecology lab. She is also interested in art and science communication, check out her portfolio.


Evangelia Smeti

PhD student (2010-14)

Postdoctoral researcher on ECOGENE project (2014-2016)

Eva's research is focused on drivers of diversity within a metacommunity framework. To study this she has implemented experimental laboratory microcosms in the lab during her PhD, and field mesocosm experiments along salinity gradients in salinas during her post-doc for the ECOGENE project. 

Carlos Cáceres

Post doctoral researcher on MASTS funded project with Stathclyde University (2016-2018)

Carlos designed and executed an elaborate and novel experiment that aimed to unravel the nutrient uptake acclimation responses of phytoplankton in nutrient rich and nutrient poor environments. In collaboration with Juan Bonachela and Eirini Kaiserli, we implemented a mechanistic approach that integrated physiological experiments with transcriptomics analysis and modelling. 


Androniki Tamvakis

PhD student (2011-15)

During her PhD, Androniki focused on the implementation of machine learning algorithms for optimising the prediction of biodiversity as a function of environmental predictors. She also developed a tool that combined different algorithms in order to improve classification tasks.

Vasiliki Lamprinou

Post doctoral researcher on Ecogene project (2014-16)

Vasiliki led the microscopy species identification of phytoplankton samples collected from coastal sites in the Aegean Sea. She implemented different techniques such as sedimentation in phytoplankton settling chambers and filtering of samples through cellulose filters to ensure maximum detectability of species.


Alexandra Meziti

Post doctoral researcher on Ecogene project (2014-16)

Alexandra's research on Ecogene project focused on the molecular identification of marine protists in coastal marine environments, saltpan systems and experimental microcosms. She did the bioinformatics and data analysis related to this part and has led work related to trophic levels.

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