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FULLY FUNDED PhD - "Understanding small and large scale factors of seaweed biofouling using eDNA"


Come and join our aquatic ecology research team at University of Glasgow School of Biodiversity, One Health and Veterinary Medicine, with Martin Llewellyn, Anna McGregor and myself and Marnik Van Cauter of the Kilchoan Melfort Trust with this brand new PhD on Farmed Seaweed Biofouling!


Accepting applications up until 9th August.


Informal enquiries to:


For more details and application: link to PhD


Our lab just got funded to work brand new marine Aquaculture research projects with field monitoring as well as experiments in our Glasgow Uni mobile mesocosm aquaria!

We will soon be advertising Research Assistant positions for enthusiastic marine biologists to come work with us!

For any questions in the meantime:

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17/4/2024: Thanks MASTS for inviting me on Delve Deeper #4 to talk about  'The potential of Environmental DNA as a plankton monitoring tool of coastal waters and aquaculture'

watch here:


dwelve deeper.jpg

Join our talk in the upcoming British Ecological Society meeting in Belfast, 14 December 2023


December 2023

CASE Iapetus DTP PhD opportunity on oyster habitat restoration with training on eDNA, in-situ experiments, bioacoustics and more! With Anna McGregor, Martin Llewellyn, Mike Bows at UKCEH, the and myself

Open for International students too!

Deadline for international applicants to contact supervisor: 11/12/2023

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE: 5th January 2024 midday

For more details see the project outline

e-mail me for more info!

December 2023

Fully funded Case PhD by NorthWestBioscience to work on microalgae biotechnology and photobioreactors with myself, Eirini Kaiserli from the School of Molecular Biosciences-Glasgow Uni and our industry partner Xanthella ltd !!!

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE: 9th February 2024!!!

For more details see the project outline

And click here for application process

e-mail me for more info!

September 2023

Our new paper on microscopy vs eDNA to detect planktonic threats to salmon aquaculture is now on Bioarchive, feedback is welcome!:

Join us in our two presentations on eDNA and microscopy monitoring of species problematic for finfish and seaweed aquaculture in the upcoming ASLO meeting in Palma, Spain!

S027P Environmental Benefits and Risks of the Current and Future Seaweed Aquaculture Industry

Time: 6:30 PM, Date: 6/7/2023, Room: Mezzanine

Check out our Poster here!

SS056B Jellyfish in the Changing Ocean

Time: 5:00 PM, Date: 6/7/2023, Room: Sala Santa Catalina

V. Delannoy ; S. Spatharis

Distribution of studies from our literature review on macroalgae epibionts. Zoom in to see sampling events and exact locations per study.

V. Delannoy ; S. Spatharis

Distribution of studies from our literature review on kelp epibionts colored by alagae group: kelp species in black, red algae in red, brown algae in brown and green algae in green dots

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